July 2015

Dear Friends:

Whew ...

We can finally sit back and relax a little. Last week we were all running like crazy people, as we had displays at our two biggest trade shows, NeoCon in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando. Both going on the same week and half a continent apart! So we had two hard-working teams, one in each city. Our booth at NeoCon was 140 ft feet long. I think the other end was in another zip code, it was so far away.

It was a pleasure to meet old customers and greet new people who stopped by. In fact, it was quite impressive, seeing how many new faces there were.

Our product line was well-received by new and old and our new product offerings seemed to hit a sweet spot. We were especially pleased with our various models of wireless chargers. It looks like that is the way to go. If you'd like to see the display panels you saw at any of our shows, you can do it by visiting https://www.mockett.com/tradeshows.

Douglas A.J. Mockett, President It was an honor to be invited to speak about "How to Create a More Effective Workspace" and it seemed to go well. We have it on our website at https://www.mockett.com/m125 if you'd like to see.

Still in its infancy but wireless transmission of electrical energy seems the future. Imagine your laptop and task lamp working just fine, charging always, with no cords in sight! It will put us makers of Wire Management into the Buggy Whip era, but we'll figure something out. Seriously - check out U Beam. Or the Bombardier Magic Bus. The future is closer than we think!.

Thanks for coming to our booths, and thanks for your continuing support. You make it all happen.

Douglas A. J. Mockett