January 2015

Dear Friends:

2014 has come and gone in a flash! Far too quickly Winter turned to Spring to Summer to Fall... and now back to Winter! Opportunities and problems came and went, but the sun rose every day! Not all bad.

The highlight of 2014, indeed of every year, was celebrating the legacy of Hector Tovar, our dear friend and co-worker who passed away in 2000, far too young. Annually we honor Hector by awarding a namesake trophy to the employee(s) who best emulate his fine qualities of hard work, dedication, sunny personality and leadership. All employees write their choice(s). There are quite a few and it takes some time to review and decide!

Hector Tovar Award Winners - Deedee and Emilio In 2014 it is a pleasure to have the Hector Tovar award go to DeeDee Manalang and Emilio Miranda.

DeeDee has been with us 8 years and is a well-respected member of our warehouse crew, keeping the place clean and ship-shape.

Emilio is part of our custom order team, and demonstrates his leadership every day keeping demanding clients happy! He is a 2-year veteran.

All our hats are off to them both! Congratulations to DeeDee and Emilio.

Douglas A. J. Mockett