February 2015

Photos of Mockett Products In Use? Anyone?

Calling all customers: do you have pictures of your finished application featuring our parts in use? Would you be willing to share with us so we can feature them on our social media outlets in the future?

This goes both ways of course. We'd like to in turn show you a little love by featuring your company and photo credits for promotional purposes when using the photos.

It's just that it dawned on us that we never get to reconnect with our customers after the parts are installed, and quite frankly, we'd love to see them! We trust that the installations must always go well... since you keep coming back to order more, we presume that means you are happy with our products. But we always wonder "Where do the parts go? Where are our products installed and how do they look in a finished application?"

Sometimes we even get word back that our parts end up in some really unique places that surely everyone would love to see. But how do we share without your help? We understand that often times the person placing the order with us is ultimately not the person installing the parts and there may be several levels of communication between the order and the job site. But if you have access or are doing the job yourself, please reconnect with us and share.

Your design inspiration only helps us grow. Please email any images to [email protected] or call us at 800-523-1269.