May 2014

Dear Friends-

NeoCon Tradeshow Booth in Mockett Parking LotLike a lot of things it seemed like a good idea at the time. Why not make a big splash at our biggest trade show, NEOCON in Chicago, and take a bigger space? A little voice said "take a BIG space"... so we did. What were we thinking?

Here is a photo of our booth being mocked up in our parking lot. What you don't see is the last 20 feet. That's because the parking lot wasn't long enough. The other end is in another zip code. But we will have a lot more of our fabulous architectural hardware on display, something we've always wanted to do. And being in the direct marketing biz it offers us a fine opportunity to display a wider range. It will be good, please stop by. We've moved our display booth to the 7th floor.

54 OldsLast month we raced our 1954 Olds in the Chihuahua Express rally in Mexico, the event in which we were defending champions. We won qualifying! We won Day 3! We were second Day 2! And - big groan - broke down on Day 1 when a wire broke off the alternator, ending any chance of an overall win. But "that's racing" as they say... so we look forward to October's Carrera Panamericana. We're gonna win it!

I hope all is well.

Douglas A. J. Mockett