March 2014

Dear Friends-

Spencer PigotAs you may know, over the years Doug Mockett & Company has supported up and coming young race car drivers. Last year and this we are helping 20 year old Spencer Pigot in his quest to make it to the Indy 500. He is driving in an Indy support series called ProMazda. The series kicks off end of this month along with IndyCars in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL.

To get the drivers and teams warmed up for the year the ProMazda Winter Series has just been held. I am pleased to say Spencer won it going away with two wins and two second place finishes in the four race series. Hopefully that will carry throughout the season. Go Spencer!

Doug & MoochJanuary 24 was a sad day, as our loyal Golden Retriever Mooch passed away. He was 13 and led a full life. Truly the essence of a "good dog". Normally I wouldn't mention such a personal matter but as we featured Mooch in the catalog and occasionally in the E-News, thought I would pass the news on.

We'll wait a while before another dog, and when we do, it will likely be a rescue dog as were Izzy and Charlie we got through the Golden Retriever Rescue Society (GRRS ... get it!) here in LA. Over a month later and we sure do miss him.

Douglas A. J. Mockett