December 2014

Dear Friends:Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe another 12 months has gone by. Where does the time go? Worse, the older we get the faster it seems to go by!

We celebrated 2014 with our two-years-in-the making new Catalog 23 which you should have; let us know if you do not or need another. It is 300 pages of the latest and greatest in furniture parts and components.

We anticipate 2015 being a great year. At the moment we are developing some 40-50 new products. Many are truly breakthrough concepts, others are line extensions of existing products. No matter which category they are, we think you'll approve. Good stuff all.

Plus we will be at it all through the coming year... thinking, drawing, writing, discussing... coming up with ideas we laugh at, frown at, cry at... then dig down deep and make it, and - BOOM! - you love it. Very rewarding.

A very Happy Holiday to you and yours. And thanks for your support. We're here because of you, and for you.

May 2015 be a good year...

Douglas A. J. Mockett