April 2014

Dear Friends-

April is here, Spring has Sprung (well, in most places anyway), and the racing season gets underway now!

54 OldsThis weekend we'll be in Chihuahua, Mexico, defending our First Place finish last year in the Chihuahua Express rally that goes 1100 miles over three days in and around that northern Mexico city. It is always great to be back in Mexico racing the 1954 Olds "Olds in name Only", our highly modified Super 88 with a 650hp detuned (down from 830!) NASCAR engine.

Where else can you drive flat out and have the cops wave and cheer you on? Nowhere ... that is why it is so special. Plus the Mexican people are lovely and so friendly and the scenery absolutely breathtaking.

Last year we were behind going into Day Three, and not only made up a serious deficit of time, about a minute 30 seconds, but pulled off the win by 17 seconds! It was quite a thrill. The guy we beat and us have a serious side bet this year involving an expensive bottle of champagne. And we're not planning to buy ...

Please check our Facebook page as there will be constant updates there, as well as chihuahuaexpress.com, the official site. We've already posted a lot there as well as the in-car camera video of our test a few weeks ago at the local race track.

Business seems to be pretty good for us, and I hope it is for you.

Douglas A. J. Mockett