September 2013

Dear Friends:

Labor Day weekend just past marks the traditional end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.

And what a Fall it promises to be!

Our 2014 catalog is coming along and will (should!) be mailed to you in January. We think you'll love it...

We have so many new designs and new products that one E-News a month is just not enough. So we are expanding to two E-News monthly. The usual beginning-of-the-month version will be the same as this one. The midmonth version will be abbreviated, just a few new products and brief descriptions. We honor your time and do not want to become pests bombarding with trash so hope this will be okay. Let me know if it will be intrusive.
So a few weeks ago I drove home from work, walked in the door, and Rita said, "Where's Mooch? You didn't forget Mooch did you?" Indeed I had. "You left Mooch at work?" Uhhh... So we drove back to get him, walked in the door and there he was, laying there and giving me the biggest stink eye you've ever seen. Not this man's BFF at that time. But a milk bone, a pat on the head, and we were BFF's once again.

See what happens when you have too much on your mind?

Douglas A. J. Mockett