October 2013

Dear Friends:

Twice in the past few weeks friends of Rita's have had their purses ripped off while eating out at local restaurants. Had the restaurants had our HK20 purse hook the sad outcomes may well have been different.

In the first one a lady was dining with friends, her purse slung over the back of her chair. Who hasn't done this? When she turned to get it to leave - gone! Later a review of the security camera recording showed a middle-aged woman just casually brushing by and subtly lifting it on her way out.HK20 In Use

The second one was a little more cheeky. This lady was in a booth, seated on the outside edge of it, with her purse on the floor, down by her feet. Security cameras showed a middle-aged guy coming by, dropping his jacket, saying "Whoops!", then bending down to pick up the jacket, scooping up the purse as well, and keeping on going right out the door!

How brazen are these? Cheeky indeed!

Please give some serious thought to including our HK20 in any project you may be doing. A little too late for these folks, but could be cheap insurance for the future and good policy for all restaurants and all public spaces.

October means the week-long, 2400 mile La Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico! Having won the Chihuahua Express 3-day rally back in April we have our sights set on another 2013 win! As usual we'll keep you updated on our progress.

Douglas A. J. Mockett