November 2013

Dear Friends:

So here it is the beginning of November and we've just finished the 26th Carrera Panamericana, an annual 2000+ mile blast racing the length of Mexico. It went from one disaster to another, absolutely the most frustrating race I've ever, ever done. Only things we didn't do were blow the engine or crash! How about this list: No brakes at speed (twice), tire blowouts/failure at speed (three times), broken frame (twice), alternator failure. But the topper was just 100 yards from the finish line and the gearshift lever broke off in my hand! Unbelievable... you can't make this stuff up!

We're taking delivery of the company's newest run-around-town vehicle, a 2014 Toyota RAV4EV, a small SUV. Yes, a 100% electric car!

In October we're chewing up the atmosphere, burning rubber, spewing hydrocarbons right and left at 5 miles-to-the-gallon, and in November we're "green". Go figure.

But hey - we're in L.A. where you can do nutty things like that.

Our trusty Honda Element has nearly 100,000 miles on it and will be put out to pasture. The RAV4EV will take its place - running to the post office, making local deliveries and pickups, and similar trips. It will go 100 miles on a charge - enough for our daily errands -- and we'll plug it in nightly for a battery recharge.

Will electric cars replace our gas-guzzlers? No idea, but it seems to be a step in the right direction. Specially built electric race cars have been running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb for a few years now and doing quite well.

BTW starting in 2015 will be "Formula E", a racing series for open wheel, single seat electric cars. Should be fascinating. We'll keep you updated.

Douglas A. J. Mockett