May 2013

Dear Friends:

In the nearly 35 years I've been designing and marketing furniture components, I cannot remember a time when we had more new and - truly excitingly new - products in development.

There are drawer pulls, and of course new Power and Communications Grommets, our first Floor Power Grommet, exciting Furniture Legs, and on and on... innovative designs and functional solutions you'll not find elsewhere. Without blowing our own horn too hard, we are truly the leader in furniture components innovation. idea

Where others pull back in tough times we take up the challenge and see the glass half full. In my mind slow times are times of exceptional opportunity. After all, I started this biz in a recession - I didn't know any better, to be honest - so we just keep plowing ahead.

Making life much easier in design and prototyping is our new 3-D printer. Just scan in the design and - BOOM! - in a few hours you have a full size model of the exact design. It is w-a-a-a-a-y too cool! Not only does it save time but also takes much of the guesswork out; no more making a mold or tool and have to modify it after the first articles come along. No more "uh-oh" moments.

Many of our new products and designs, some ready for you, some still in development, will be on display at our major trade show, NEOCON in Chicago. It is from June 10-12 at the Merchandise Mart. It would be my pleasure to personally show you our new concepts.

All the best,
Douglas A. J. Mockett