March 2013

Dear Friends:

CJ Wilson and BillyWe had a VERY special guest last month and we're extremely excited to share! CJ Wilson of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was kind enough to join us for lunch and share some of his experiences and give us an inside look at the life of a professional athlete. The Angels signed the star pitcher to a five year deal in 2011, bringing the CA native back home after a six year run with the Texas Rangers (that included a World Series appearance).

He was a very gracious guest, taking the time to take photos and sign autographs. He met with everyone individually and then took control of the room, telling us about his journey in the major leagues while seamlessly working in some motivational tips about healthy living. He was extremely charismatic and his enthusiastic outlook on life was very inspiring to us all. With the Angels being so close to home, many of us here are already Angels fans as it is, so it was an extra special treat. The rest of us… well, the Dodger fans were able to bite their tongues and still enjoy the experience.

CJ is also an avid racing enthusiast. In fact, young racing sensation Spencer Pigot, who is sponsored by Mockett, also caught the eye of CJ who is now actively involved with Spencer's race team. So, we expect we may be seeing more of CJ in the future. In the meantime, Team Mockett will be rooting for the hometown hero. Go Angels! Thank you again, CJ.

Douglas A. J. Mockett