August 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy August. Our Adley Diaz sent me this last week and I'd like to share:

Hummingbird "As one of our employees was leaving for the day, she spotted something in the skylight of the warehouse. A closer look revealed it was a little hummingbird fluttering around trying to escape. She notified other employees. One of them came up with the makeshift contraption to help save the bird. Creatively, the amazing lifesaving contraption was built by taping a box to the end of a 12ft. WM6 wire manager. Hummingbird With the assistance of a forklift, another employee was able to lift himself to the max height the forklift can go and tried to coerce the hummingbird into the box. It didn't take long to get the tuckered little bird into the box. It must have been tired because the box was open and could have easily flown out, but instead, gave in and was brought down to safety. The rescue team took the bird outside, placed it on the hood of a car where it closed its eyes and took a moment to rest. One little push and it took flight towards a flowering tree nearby."

Douglas A. J. Mockett