April 2013

Dear Friends:

This winter just doesn't want to fade away does it? One day in the Midwest and East it is 70 and sunny, next day 12" of snow! What gives? But it is now April and I guarantee it, Spring will arrive. Soon. Maybe ...

Revlon Run/WalkNext month on May 11 we will meet early at work, take a chartered bus, and proudly walk with 50,000 others at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, marching through the USC campus before ending up inside the gigantic LA Coliseum. It is exciting and invigorating. The Revlon Walk/ Run raises money for research into women's cancers. We all know at least one lady who has had cancer, in fact several here at our own business ... the disease is insidious, stubborn and the greatest health challenge of the past half century. Care to join us? We hope you can; please call Tyra at (310) 533-6338. We would appreciate any donation you wish to make; just go to our Team Mockett page and one click will take you to the link. Many, many thanks!

April 19-21 kicks off our racing season with a three-day rally event in/around Chihuahua, Mexico. The dreaded Olds has had a winter tuneup, and Angelica and I are ready to go. We seem to have a great media and press following in Mexico. CYMISA, our Mexican distributor, shows ever-increasing sales of our products, which we take as a good sign of the value of race sponsorship!

Douglas A. J. Mockett