September 2012

Dear Friends –

With Labor Day weekend just behind us, Summer is officially over. Back to work!

We've been hard at it developing new products all Summer, an equal ongoing challenge and joy. Every time we launch a new idea we are like proud parents launching their kids. We have done our best and stand aside and see what happens!

This month is a special delight with the introduction of PCS54WC described below.


Wireless charging makes it easy to recharge your iPhone and other mobile devices. Just use a sleeve or an adapter and lay either on lid and it charges. Just like that! No more bulky item-specific chargers! It is the wave of the future.

We have great hopes for PCS54WC and it should lead many more of our PCS Series being modified to accept wireless charging.

Annual Design Competition Logo Our 27th Annual Design Competition 'officially' closed Tuesday after Labor Day. But, as the judges do not meet until December, if you 'just haven't gotten around to it', we'll keep an eye open for your entry in the next few weeks.

Douglas A.J. Mockett