October 2012

Dear Friends –

Well, if it is October, that means just one thing: the Carrera Panamericana! What World Series? Star navigator Angelica Fuentes and amateur driver (me) will be back for our 18th or 19th attempt to win this week-long, 2000 mile drive along the old Pan American Highway from southern to northern Mexico.

Last year was the ultimate in frustration - after 7 days and 2000 miles of racing with 110 cars, we finished second - FOUR seconds behind First Place! You read right... Four seconds... groan... mezcal came in handy that night at the victory celebration. If you love frustration you'll love motor racing. In 2007 we were way ahead with just a day to go and the clutch literally exploded at 120mph! That ended that as it took too long to replace the clutch. El Segundo (Second) again... but she won in 2006 with another driver and I won in 2002 with another navigator. In 2012 hope springs eternal!

Carrera starts on Friday 10/19 and as usual we will have daily updates on our website and Facebook and other social media. Stay tuned! We're gonna give 'em heck!

Doug & Rita Smooshing Wedding Cake I prefer to keep biz and personal life separate but proudly share that on September 8 the delightful Rita Getzelman and I were married. Last week the office had a party for us and thought I'd share a photo of us teenagers smooshing cake in one another's faces! That WAS fun!

Douglas A.J. Mockett