July 2012

Doug's News

July 2012

Hello Friends –

Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleased by the response and the attendees. We displayed the new power and communications grommet we are calling EDP/2.0 for the moment. It received rave reviews as did the award-winning Lily Pad. Levity® was a task lamp of great interest that now is in production. The new casters and new trash liner colors were a big hit. All were well received. A good show!

Pikes Peak Hill Climb
As Angelica and I were getting ready to go to Colorado we received news that the event has been postponed due to the epic conditions and safety concerns related to the massive Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs. Our hearts go out to those who are affected and we hope the fires will be completely out soon.

Call for Entries
Design Competition Ribbon LogoSince 1985 we have annually awarded anywhere from one to four First Place awards, prizes for outstanding component designs we think would make a very acceptable product to the marketplace. Each First Place receives $1000 plus an engraved trophy and a royalty. It's a pretty sweet deal ...

Entries close the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 4. To enter send your design or drawing or model FedEx or Register Return Receipt mail to Contest Administrator, Doug Mockett & Company, P.O. Box 3333, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, or via email to [email protected]. Street address for FedEx is 1915 Abalone Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501. For further information call Contest Administrator at (310) 318-2491.

Have a great July and the rest of the Summer.

Douglas A.J. Mockett