January 2012

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January 2012

Dear Friends:

Now and then I see a bumper sticker that says something about doing random acts of kindness.

On the way to work I drive by a golf course surrounded by woods. It's pretty rural and sparse - for LA. Never really noticed it but there is a Christmas tree growing there along the road.

Planted? Castoff and took root? Who knows... or gives it a thought?

A few years ago I drove by it at night, just around Christmas. And it was properly decorated and all lit up. Mind you, 1/4 mile from the nearest electricity. How cool was this? And every Christmas since it is decorated and lit up.

Whoever decorates it has a few solar panels that store enough juice to keep the lights lit all night. So I stopped the other day and took this photo.

Who does it? No idea ... Truly a "random act of kindness". And a very nice gesture...

A Happy New Year to you and yours.

Douglas AJ Mockett

Mockett Tree