December 2012

Mockett Entry for the Festival of TreesDear Friends -

All the best for a wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours from all of us here at Doug Mockett & Company. And we wish you a fabulous 2013.

Every November we decorate a Christmas tree for the "Festival of Trees" at our local Torrance Memorial Hospital. It's a fundraiser for the hospital as well as our way of keeping alive the memory of Sue Carr. Sue was a vivacious employee who introduced us to the Festival but, unfortunately, died in 2008 before she could lead Team Mockett to create its first tree. This year our team decided on Superheroes as its theme and here is how the tree looked. I think you'll agree – pretty good! Even better was that it was sold for $1200, and maybe even better, won the "Best Children's Theme" honors. Thank you Sue … and thanks to all our employees who devoted many hours to this exciting project.

Merry and Happy …

Douglas A. J. Mockett