August 2012

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August 2012

Dear Friends –

PCS54WCMore about it next month in September E-News, but we are very excited to announce a great leap forward in Power and Communications Grommets. We will be offering our PCS54 unit with a wireless charging device built into the lid! They look like narrow stripes on the lid; you just place your phone on it (adapters provided) and - Shazam! - that's all there is to it. Your iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, etc., charges. Adds virtually nothing to the thickness of the lid.

So now you can use the internal electrical and data, close the lid, and charge your own devices on top. No more fumbling under the desk to plug in your phone and charge! Now, charging comes to your fingertips. As it should.

Available next month.

When we get an order from a new customer we always ask, "Where did you hear about us?" And got a great reply last week. "Can't remember, just know that you rock it at Mockett". We thank him for the kind words.

Happy August ... enjoy a little R&R.

Douglas A.J. Mockett