April 2012

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April 2012

Dear Friends:

Cancer! No other word strikes fear like the word "cancer". We all know friends and loved ones who have been stricken by this awful disease, perhaps even struck down by it. It has the same dreaded sound as the word "polio" did in the 1940's and 1950's. Then along came Dr. Jonas Salk and the Salk vaccine in 1954 and shortly thereafter polio in the developed world became a thing of the past. Virtually overnight.

Revlon Run/Walk LogoWe're not there yet with cancer despite the heroic efforts of researchers and experimenters. It is one stubborn affliction! And that gives us even greater determination.

Every year we support the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, this year on May 12. It is a fundraiser for women's cancers research, a walk or run of 5km around the University of Southern California and LA Coliseum neighborhoods. We end up inside the Coliseum along with 50,000 others. It is very energizing!

We would appreciate your help. Please visit our Team Mockett page and donate what you can.

Thank you …

Last month I used a cartoon some took offense at. I saw the cartoon as "funny"; others saw it as "political". A few people sent me angry emails. Re-reading the cartoon I can see the point. If you also were offended, but did not write, just cursed me quietly, to you I also apologize. We
are here to sell you The Best furniture components,
not ruffle you up. Lesson learned!

Douglas A.J. Mockett