September 2011

Doug's News

September 2011

Dear Friends:

Summer's over, back to school, and soon comes the cooler Fall and Winter weather. I hope you have enjoyed a good summer 2011. If you've been in the path of bad weather lately it has not been a good summer.

We followed the path of hurricane Irene with some sadness. And have just sent letters to our 1500 clients we calculated were in its path, offering our assistance. If you did not get our letter and we can help, please let us know.

Our summer has been filled with new product development, and it has been very productive. Most of our new product projects are a bit far off, sometime in 2012 likely, but I can mention that we will have a brand new concept in a most versatile and flexible desktop/work surface Power and Data Grommet. It will offer features never before seen. With hype like that it better be good! Plus lotsa other interesting stuff. Good stuff!

Change is inevitable and it is with some sadness I announce that our President, Susan Gordon, will be retiring at the end of 2011. It sounds trite but believe me, she will be missed. Susan joined the company – (Company? Who am I kidding? It was just the two of us!) – in 1984 when we were wedged in the corner of a friend's warehouse. As the business grew she grew with it, and went from earlier careers selling computers and managing an upscale art gallery, to being a brilliant manager and leader. The proof is in the past 28 years – from just the two of us and a few boxes of grommets and wire managers – to 2500 products, 60 employees, 59,000 square feet, and thousands of clients. She has managed the growth and stress and dealing with you-know-who with considerable balance and aplomb.

I owe her a big debt of gratitude for all she has done for Doug Mockett & Company. A BIG debt! We would not be where we are without her brilliance.

Susan Gordon

Douglas A. J. Mockett

PS – Though our Design Contest closed Tuesday, if you hurry we can still accept your entry.