May 2011

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May 2011

   Dear Friends:

The Goats Next Door

Here we are in the industrial heartland of Los Angeles. And now - welcome to LA - The Goats Next Door!

I thought one of our employees had lost it when he came and said, "Have you seen the goats next door?" Sure enough, in the dumpy warehouse parking lot next door are two goats, along with a trailer and piles of pallets and junk.

Candidly, I do not know what to say, except "Welcome to LA!" Truly the land of fruits and nuts.

The young driver we're sponsoring this year, 19 year old Conor Daly, was entered in the Long Beach Grand Prix support race series, a step below the IndyCars called Indy Lights. Saturday he qualified a respectable Fourth.

Race day Sunday saw him slot into Third and then Second, and then two laps from the end, he passed for First! It was neat to be there and see him win.

Conor has his sights set on driving in Formula One, is concentrating this year on a Formula One support series called GP3. So he'll be racing all Summer with the Formula One events, and we wish him the best.

Conor Daly


Douglas A. J. Mockett