March 2011

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March 2011

   Dear Friends:

CAT22-A Mockett Supplemental Catalog

You know the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. Maybe we could learn from that - last month we mailed our newest New Products Supplement, 42 pages filled with new products and concepts and ideas, and titled Catalog 22A.  So far so good ...

Then we started getting calls from people wondering if we’d downsized due to the recession and had chopped the core from our product line – they thought this was our new full-line catalog! We experienced “the law of unintended consequences”. A close look at the cover does say “2011 Supplement” but in small type. We never screamed “ALL NEW PRODUCTS!!!!" Maybe we should have.

Catalog 22A is our latest effort introducing you to new products we’ve developed over the past year. It is not a full line catalog! That will be coming later. I apologize for any confusion. And please see for the very latest, even newer than 22A.

Six weeks ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day with our traditional company day of service. It is a normal work day for us, but any employee who wished, could take part in our company day of service to others. This year we put together care packages for people in need.

As Nakeisha wrote, “(we) . . . delivered the care packages to the homeless on skid row. It was an amazing experience. The people on skid row really appreciated the care packages and sandwiches we put together. It touched me to see how many homeless people are in need. They were very happy to receive the care packages and were very appreciative and blessed us for reaching out to them”.


All the best ...

Douglas A.J. Mockett

Mockett Day of Service Group