July 2011

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July 2011

Hello Friends –

Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleasantly surprised by the response and the attendees.

LevityIn a first for us, we launched Levity®, a new and innovative task light with a cocktail party one night. The new product had a warm and really positive response from the media and potential buyers. And all show long we had good comment after good comment. And that was very welcome!

Levity will be available later in 2011 and looks like a true winner. We’ll let you know. In the meantime here’s a photo of Levity. For more information and a short video go to mockett.com/levity.

Two weeks later Angelica and I were once again tackling the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, in our 1954 Olds ("Olds in Name Only"), sponsored by CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico and Central America. This would be our fourth attempt. In the previous three we were Second in class once and First twice. Started off promising with our qualifying run putting us on Pole Position.

Off we went on Sunday morning in front of a zillion spectators and TV helicopter overhead. Later on, reviewing the split times, the first 1/3 we had a half second lead. The middle 1/3 we were almost 6 seconds ahead. But by the end we had fallen back and lost by 10 seconds, which meant we lost 15 or so seconds on the last 1/3 – and that’s all she wrote. No idea what happened, car ran great ...

So now, in four attempts we have been Second twice and First twice. And you can go to the bank, we’ll be back in 2012 for our fifth attempt!

Have a great July and the rest of the Summer.


Douglas A.J. Mockett