January 2011

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January 2011

Hello Friends --

Greetings for 2011. Let's all hope it will be a good one.

Our annual Christmas luncheon is a festive occasion; this year we had a wonderful magician who literally pulled tricks out of his hat.

It is also time to pay homage to our dearly beloved Hector Tovar, a valuable employee who died in September 2000, far too early at age 37. Each year the employees choose one or more fellow employee(s) to receive the Hector Tovar Award, employee(s) who best symbolize Hector's drive, leadership, personality, and spirit.

For 2010 they selected two, Edna Linayao and Shane Beck.

Edna maintains our mail list of some 100,000+ names, and makes a lot of calls to ensure its accuracy. Some of the comments about her were "... a pleasure to work with, helpful, professional, great team player."

Shane was recently promoted to lead in picking and packing. People wrote that he was ... "committed, hard worker, great work ethic, kind and patient to fellow employees."

Each receives their name engraved on our large Hector Tovar trophy that sits in our reception area, as well as a smaller version to keep. Our hats are off to both! Very well deserved.