October 2011

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UPDATE! Carrera Panamericana 2011

Monday, day 3, was a day starting in Queretaro and ending in Morelia. Weather was great as it has been the entire event. We started in first overall and ended the day first overall.

Car did not handle well, the front end has a lot of understeer which means when you turn the steering wheel the front wheels want to go straight, not turn! A spot of bother! Plus the brakes did not work well ...

Add in the speed stages at end of the day included the dreaded Mil Cumbres stages through forests above Morelia with amazingly tight turns and few straights -- a large crowd lined the street, plus some clown had a lifesize Halloween skeleton in one turn -- and there you have it! Anyway we did as best as we could and still were first.

Tuesday we ran Mil Cumbres backwards, leaving Morelia. We did well, winning the first stage and 2 seconds behind on the second. And maybe a few on the third. Not bad with a car that plows.

The afternoon featured some amazingly fast stages heading into Guanajuato. We made some serious suspension changes to the car and it now handled like a dream ... just amazingly different car. The stages were fun.

Guanajuato is fascinating city and we ended up there. Amazing place, I urge you to visit.

But ... End of the day are now in second place by perhaps 5 seconds to our nemesis, the guy who blocked us on day 2 ... But two days to go, the car is handling better and we are confident ...

Stay tuned!