April 2011

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April 2011

   Dear Friends:

Every year our team of gallant "Mocketteers" turns out to walk 5 kilometers around the LA Coliseum in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women fund raiser to support research in women's cancers. You may recall last year our tale of woe with the bus driver from Hell who got lost and then got a ticket . . . believe me, we have someone new to drive us this year.

Revlon Run/Walk for Women
Ofelia de Leon with Paul and Dee Dee

Last year's was a poignant walk. Little did we know that Ofelia de Leon, the mother of two of our employees, Dee Dee and Paul Manalang - all three of them walking happily along with us - would die less than three months later from breast cancer. That brought the seriousness of the walk home in a way we'd rather it did not.

For just the second time in our 30 year history we slowed down so we could attend Ofelia's funeral. The church was overflowing with her family and friends. Poignant and quite sad.

This year's walk will take place May 7 and is in memory of Ofelia.

To support this cause and help Team Mockett with our fundraising goal please go to our Team Page.



Douglas A. J. Mockett