October 2010

Doug's News

October 2010

Dear Friends –

A week or so ago we had a company luncheon to celebrate our first 30 years in this biz ... hard to fathom ... and to honor the people who have been with us 20 or more years. Believe it or not, more than 15% of our employees have been with us more than 20 years! It gives me a great sense of pride that we offer such an excellent work environment that people stay with us. Here they are, some you may have spoken with, some who may be just names:

Jean Rowe – Our CFO
Alfredo Padilla –Warehouse manager
Manuel Diaz – Custom order department lead
Arturo Padilla – Warehouse
Donna Matsumoto – New products development/trade shows
May Beck – Customer service
Rafael Tovar – Warehouse
Oscar Carrillo – Purchasing manager
Sergio Tovar – Warehouse

I am very proud of them all, as I am of all our 60 employees, for their fine contributions to our growth over the years.


Douglas A.J. Mockett

P.S. Just got word Haiti Community Support has the van we sent back in February (see below)


Subject: Ford Van is OUT today!

From: mathilde wilson
To: Doug Mockett

Dear Doug,

Alleluia! We thank you so much for this Super Vehicle.

It's been a long hostile and hurtful time for us by the corruption and bureaucracy in Haiti. HCS with its small budget has managed to pay over $7,000 for custums fees and briberie. But the effort is not in vain and we won't let beaten down to give up. I love what I am doing and the Van is going to give us the tool that we ever need the most  a Good Vehicle to continue delivering the care for the most in need and suffering. We were without vehicle for over 2 months, our Toyota fell apart and it was HCS's only vehicle.  We bought it in Dominican Republic last February, and because the borders were open we could get it into Haiti.  It was well used when we bought it.  After bone jarring trips into the mountains, and almost daily trips into Displaced Person Camps loaded with tents, medicine, our Haitian doctors, nurses and support staff, the truck was at is truly on its last legs.   We had no funding to replace it.

Everyday Haiti Community Support confronts people like Leresse Vilsaint Leresse staggered into the Au Centre Community Health Center from her village carrying this malnourished child.  Leresse is 73 years old, her daughter just died.  She's holding 9 month malnourished Nozilhomme, one of 5 her children now in her sole care.   Leresse herself was hungry, she has no money, no food, a roof that leaks and a plot of land so small it can't feed even one person.

I'll send you the Van Pics on Monday. Once again, Thanks with all my heart.