November 2010

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November 2010

Dear Friends:

Last month we once again ran La Carrera Panamericana, the 7 day, 2300 mile race from southern to northern Mexico. No, we did not win. A broken driveshaft on Day 1 ended any chance of that ... and devastated us. We ended up 27th of 118 entries. We fought back. Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 we finished 3rd overall behind two serious pro drivers, former big time rally driver Harri Rovenpara from Finland who won overall, and 2nd place Michel Jourdain, a former Indy-Car star from Mexico City. So we take some satisfaction we were “the best of the rest”, especially since I am almost twice their age! A memorable highlight was actually beating Harri, fair and square, on a speed stage. So that leaves Day 6. There is a good reason Ferrari has not called me to drive for them and that would be called Day 6. No need to explain: photos of Ms. Fuentes and the Olds two years running explain it all.

Ms. Fuentes & Olds 2009 Ms. Fuentes & Olds 2010
Ms. Fuentes 2009 Ms. Fuentes 2010

A Carrera tradition is that if you go "off" in the same place two years in a row, that corner is named after you. So the turn will now be known as "Curva Mockett". Ms. Fuentes declined to share in the honor. Click here to enjoy our YouTube 12 seconds of fame ... Many thanks to CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico, for their support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Douglas A.J. Mockett