May 2010

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May 2010

Dear Friends :

Trade show season is fast upon us. I will be at ICFF and NEOCON and hope you’ll come by and say ‘hello’. As we’re in the mail order biz these are our opportunities to meet our clients and exchange ideas. We look forward to it, believe me, and come away with a lot of good input and good suggestions.

What’s that? Do I detect a “glimmer of hope”?

There seems to be a spot of optimism out there. Our phones are ringing again, March home sales were at a record, so – fingers crossed -- this may be the beginning of the turning point.

I hope so. It’s tough to keep a stiff upper lip when the bank is calling every other day. As a friend of mine observed, “when you’re broke the rent comes due every three days”. It sure seems that way.

But we have used the downtime to develop new markets and new products. Our Ms. Matsumoto is near a meltdown, juggling the design and manufacturing of some 30+ new concepts. But we will introduce them all this Fall, and hope you will like them. I think so...

Hope to see you at a show,


Douglas A. J. Mockett