June 2010

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June 2010

Dear Friends –

Every year the Entertainment Industry Foundation in Los Angeles supports women’s cancers research with a 5 kilometer walk/run fund raiser that starts by the LA Coliseum, wanders around the neighborhood, and ends by coming through the tunnel onto the Coliseum floor – very emotional and very impressive – some 40,000 people take part. We have done so the past 4 years. Some of us run, most of us walk behind our “Team Mockett” sign.

We charter a bus to avoid parking hassles, meet at the business early, and go from there. Which we did last month. What could go wrong? Here are a few things –

• The bus driver got lost. He didn’t know where the Coliseum was. (Like not knowing where the Empire State Building is in NYC).

• After he found his way he cut off a car while exiting the freeway. The cops did not find that amusing, pulled him over, and we spent 20 minutes while he was written a ticket. (Which meant those who wanted to run missed the start).

• Then he almost ran over a traffic cop directing us to parking.

• On the way back he had no idea how to find the freeway.

• At the last light, at the last left turn onto our street, he almost had a head-on.

Yes, we were pleased to get off of that bus! No, we did not give him a tip! Incredible -- how could this guy be driving a bus with people’s lives at stake?

Have a great Summer!


Douglas A. J. Mockett