March 2010

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Haiti Community Support - Container 1

Dear Friends:

Last Friday, February 26, was a banner day. That was the day our first container of aid was picked up and shipped off to the Dominican Republic where Haiti Community Support (HCS) will pick it up and transport it overland to Port au Prince. We purchased the container so HCS will be able to use it at their medical clinic. Better than the tarp on the sidewalk they’ve been using. As the saying goes, “In the kingdom of the blind a one eyed man is king”. So a used container become an acceptable medical examining room. HCS’ doctors have been seeing 1000 people a week. With no end in sight. The container is progress.

This first container is filled with medical supplies and food, tents, tables, lumber for building, soap, and lots of other useful things. And one of our trusty Ford vans we have donated which HCS will use as an ambulance.

Our community and local schools have really stepped up to the plate. We have donations for at least another two containers, and will start to sort through and organize them, and buy another container and ready it to go.

Please contact us to donate; we’ll send a call tag to get it. And go to and see the fine work they do. It is impressive.


Douglas A. J. Mockett


Haiti Community Support - Container 1 Stuffed Container