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MathildeHaiti - How We All Can Help

In my lifetime I have never seen such destruction and devastation as in Haiti. Watching CNN is painful. Your heart has to go out to these unfortunate souls, to this desperate country. But let’s see how perhaps we can help them make lemonade from this giant lemon.

We’ve been fortunate to have hooked up a few years ago with Haiti Community Support, a St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands-based charity run by Bruce and Mathilde Wilson. HCS supports the village of Au Centre, high in the mountains 100+ miles west of Port au Prince. It’s not on any map, but if you can find Les Cayes it’s north of there up in the mountains. Mathilde is from Au Centre, met Bruce, married and moved to St. Croix.

A year ago I went with them to Au Centre and wrote about the journey in the April ’09 E-News. An excerpt:

  "Where to start? No jobs, no electricity, no running water, no medical, no food, no road, just a dirt footpath, no indoor plumbing, one outhouse (at Mathilde’s mom’s house, thankfully), bamboo/thatch shacks, no connection with the outside world, and no education until this past September when the 8 classroom school opened that Bruce and Mathilde had built … Water is carried up a steep hill from a withering spring… Food is rice and beans..." You get the picture.

What especially appeals to me is that HCS is a true “grassroots” organization. No drama, no fanfare, just results. They don’t mess about, they just get the job done. My kind of people.

Haiti Community SupportHCS is a 501(c)(3) IRS- approved charity so you can be assured it’s on the up-and-up. What I like is there are no “administrative” expenses that eat up the donations. 100% goes to good works. Better than that, you can call Bruce at (340) 772 1651 and talk to him. Tell him you’re a friend of mine. Or check out their website www.haitisupport.org or this video. After the earthquake Mathilde immediately went to Haiti, and you can try her cell there, 011 509 365 45266.

Thank You for All Your Support,

Douglas A. J. Mockett.

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What we're doing:

Mockett Volunteers • Collecting all sorts of stuff – dry foods, food supplements, medical supplies, blankets, new and used clothes, soap and other cleaning materials, from the list provided (pdf). Friends are putting 50-100 collection boxes in local schools. We’re donating a Ford van. 

• Our Martin Luther King Day service project involved many of us sorting and packing clothes and food items for Haiti.

• Chartering a plane in St Croix to shuttle Bruce, doctors, EMT’s and supplies to/from Port au Prince.

• Organizing at least one, maybe two, 40’ containers to send to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. HCS will truck it overland to Port au Prince where Mathilde has set up their own clinic. And on to Au Centre. The container(s) should be ready to depart Los Angeles mid to late February.

 How you can help:

Mockett Volunteers

• Donate to www.haitisupport.org on their website. 100% goes to help and is not eaten up by “overhead”. There is no overhead! Plus, it’s IRS tax-deductible.

• Send us any or all of the above items, in any quantity. We will gladly pick up the FEDEX freight from you to us. Please call Susan Gordon (310) 533-6311 or Donna at (310) 533-6314 and they can arrange the FEDEX pick-up.