Doug Mockett & Company is celebrating its 40 year anniversary, and what an unusual start to 2020 it has been. Founded in 1980, we have certainly seen our share of ups and downs over 40 years in business from stock market crashes to health crises and subsequent economic downturns. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an especially tough impact on the economy and many businesses, but as difficult as it is here in the interim, we feel that ‘this too shall pass’. We aim to come out of this pandemic with a renewed spirit and vigor.

We are joining the Fight Against COVID-19. With massive PPE shortages in area hospitals, we decided to put our giant 3D printers to work. We are printing mask extenders (ear savers!) and are delivering daily to healthcare facilities around Los Angeles. In addition, we enlisted the help of a Team Mockett family member to make thousands of cloth face masks to donate. We are making face shields using silicon molds to create resin [liquid plastic] visors which are delivered assembled with the plastic face shield insert installed. Currently delivering to Torrance Memorial Hospital, Little Company of Mary, Cedars-Sinai, and many more. If you need any ear savers or face shield visors, please contact us at 800-523-1269. We're happy to make them for you.

Our business is in the design, manufacture and distribution of office and computer furniture components. As an essential supplier for critical infrastructure, Mockett has been allowed to remain operational throughout the CA Safer at Home order. Such components qualify under the March 19 order under articles pertaining to: 13(g) Building Supplies, 13(m) Businesses that supply office or computer products needed by people who work from home, 13(n) Businesses that supply other Essential Businesses with the support of supplies necessary to operate, and 13(q) Businesses that provide parts and service for Essential Infrastructure. We have certainly seen some changes around the office however. All employees are wearing masks at all times and gloves when needed if handling outside materials. Shifts have been staggered, half of all staff working in the mornings, the other half working in the afternoons to limit the amount of people and contact at any given time. Shifts have been shortened to 6 hour work days with full pay. Some departments have been experimenting with working remotely from home, while other areas have been re-zoned to ensure employees remain at least 6’ apart. We are shipping orders daily and are here to serve you, just as we have for 40 years.

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