Announcing Mockett's Color of the Year 2021

Announcing Mockett's Color of the Year 2021
Announcing Mockett’s Color of the Year: Twilight Blue and Regal Amber Yellow - Rising from the darkness into the light - feelings of optimism and serenity.

Twilight Blue and Regal Amber Yellow

Rising from the darkness into the light - feelings of optimism and serenity.

After a trying year, we could all use some positive energy going into 2021. That is what these two colors represent. Blue encourages feelings of calmness, tranquility, and security, while Amber tones promote happiness and vitality. We are hopeful for a new year that involves getting back some of the normalness we used to feel. Inspiring strength and good health, Regal Amber [Yellow] is the perfect color to remind us to focus on the good days ahead while leaving behind the darkness of the past. With a focus on stability and reliability, Twilight Blue encourages a positive mindset for a more balanced year that will allow us to move past the uncertainties that 2020 brought us.

About Mockett’s Color of the Year

This year we went with two colors: Twilight Blue and Regal Amber Yellow. We needed a way to express our feelings using color and we could not find better colors than these two. It is time to leave the past behind and look forward into the new future, where we expect to be more optimistic. Regal Amber and Twilight Blue colors are very versatile in that it can be paired together or used separately, so we hope you will be inspired by these colors and enjoy it as much as we do!

Color of the Year 2021 and Interior Design

This is the perfect timing to freshen up your interior design with the new colors of the year. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate these two colors in your interior design whether you want to transform your home office or just give a new touch to your existing interior design, here are some ideas you can get inspired by:


Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate these colors into your interior design. Pillows, rugs, lamps, flowers are some of the objects you can get to bring new colors into the interior. It is amazing what some simple new décor can do to a space – simple objects used for accents can bring a fresh new feeling to your space.


The first thing that comes to mind when a new color of the year comes out is panting walls. We know painting with colorful paint can be a big compromise, but don’t be afraid of putting some color on the wall – you’ll love the end result. These colors are bold and sophisticated and can give any room a mature, yet optimistic feel.

Color Palette

Regal Amber and Twilight Blue look great with different hues of grey. These are colors that bring life to neutral tones without being too overpowering. These colors are complementary colors as well, they look beautiful together. Options for combining these two colors are endless. You can have Twilight blue cabinets with gold hardware, a carpet with these two colors in a beautiful pattern, or even in a painting on the wall. Another way to combine these colors are with leather – see how gorgeous it looks with brown leather and copper hues.

Pair the new Colors of the Year with Mockett’s Hardware. Every great design needs beautiful hardware! At you can find high quality hardware that complements the Colors of the Year and adds function to your furniture. Here are some options we think you’ll love:

Drawer Pulls: Our drawer pulls are known for their timeless design and durability. We chose three cabinet pulls with stunning finishes to complement the Colors of the Year, Regal Amber and Twilight Blue. The first one is Brass, it is the perfect finish touch to complement Twilight blue. Brass will bring out a rich, vivacious look and feel on a Twilight Blue cabinet like no other. Black, either in matte or a glossy finish will look great on Regal Amber. The pairing together looks amazing, it simply brightens up the yellow making it look even more bold and sophisticated. And lastly leather: leather brings a mature feel to the space like no other material and looks gorgeous with both Colors of the Year.

Power Grommets: Power outlets are now an essential item on all furniture types. To complement the Colors of the Year, we offer two beautiful finishes: Dark Bronze and Antique Brass. Both colors look great against Regal Amber and Twilight Blue. Adding power outlets directly into the furniture will not only add function and convenience, but will also dress up the piece with an air of sophistication.

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