Announcing Mockett's Color of the Year 2020

Announcing Mockett's Color of the Year 2020
The cool, inviting tone of a new generation -- a tranquil softness that bears a bold and inspiring essence.


The cool, inviting tone of a new generation -- a tranquil softness that bears a bold and inspiring essence.

Aero Blue has a soft, yet lively character and its calming hue encourages us to look forward into the future with a positive attitude.

We are at the turning point of a new decade in 2020, a pivotal year for development in technology and communication. In the dawn of social engineering and experimentation, we are learning of all these new ways to connect all at once and are finding our commonalities through digital communication. People are connected at all times, wearable technology is becoming part of our wardrobe, and we are learning to live with artificial intelligence [AI]. Intuitive and logical, the engaging nature of Aero Blue welcomes connectivity and trust in the future.

Looking to make sense of our new way of life, Aero Blue gives us confidence to embrace these uncharted territories of technology and adjust to our new environment. The light tones are soothing and remind us that we should face this new decade with optimistic eyes and open arms.

About Mockett’s Color of the Year

The year ahead being a landmark year inspired us to think about color in a different way. We see a big future in front of us and we wanted to express this optimistic spirit through color with an existential approach. We are firm believers that color moves people and influences feelings, and for that reason, we believe that using color as a communication tool is powerful. Be on the lookout for our trade show displays in 2020 where we will be using our Color of the Year as a backdrop to our hardware to show you some wonderful pairings of different finishes. We hope you will be inspired by our new look and enjoy it as much as we do!

Color of the Year and Interior Design

Why not freshen up your interior design to reflect the mood of the New Year? There are plenty of ways you can incorporate blue in interior design:

Painting the walls

Painting the walls is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform any room. Aero Blue will look great on any wall. Don’t want to commit to an entire room of blue? Choose an accent wall and you’ll see how it changes the mood of the room even when used sparingly.

Color Of The Year 2020


Furniture is another easy way to incorporate this beautiful color into your palette. You can add a comfy Aero Blue sofa, a table, or even re-paint your cabinets. And the nice thing about this color is that it will complement any design style from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Color Of The Year 2020


Accessories are a pretty simple way to add new colors to any interior design. Freshen up your décor with the new color of the year. Blue task lamps or chairs for an office, vases, pillows, or even just fun objects to place on coffee tables, any accessories in Aero Blue will set the tone of the design.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020Color Palette and Interior Design

Aero Blue is a bold color that needs the right components to perform at its best. Consider the complementary tones that surround it to enhance your design to build on your color palette. You can create a multi-faceted monochromatic motif all within the same family of blues. Then any hint of a contrast will really stand out to make a bold statement.

Here is a list of colors to consider for your accents. These will all give off a soft, complementary pairing.

· Dusty rose
· Peach
· Lavender
· Lilac
· White
· Cream

For a stronger statement with a striking contrast, consider the following:

· Apricot Orange
· Creamsicle Orange
· Imperial Red
· Ruby
· Blonde

Every environment asks for different styles, so we’ve created different palettes for different spaces and different applications, including: office, residential, hospitality, and healthcare.


If you want to maximize potential in your work place, you must first cultivate an environment that invigorates and inspires. Your office design should facilitate collaboration by creating a mood and a layout that encourages employees to do more than simply coexist but rather to actually have a vision and purpose together. Updating your office will boost employees mood and give them confidence. Aero Blue will give a calming effect of comfort and will help with relationship building since it will put everyone at ease to work together. With that in mind, here is a list of must-have office items that will look amazing with Aero Blue.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020

Power Grommets: Accessible power outlets will keep you connected at the surface level. This convenience will keep your work area clean while alleviating you from having to crawl under the desk to find an outlet to plug in your mobile devices.

Color Of The Year 2020Privacy Screens: Privacy Screens create the perfect environment for working, it neutralizes unwanted office noise while keeping an open space design for a collaborative work space. And they offer the perfect opportunity to introduce new colors to your motif.

Color Of The Year 2020Table Legs: Your work desks are simply nothing more than boring old utilitarian tops without thinking of the accents. Details! Table Legs can transform your design from an ordinary work station to a contemporary networking hub. Pair black or white legs with your Aero Blue accents for a striking look. Sophistication is back in style.

Color Of The Year 2020Cable Management: Cable managers will keep all your cables under control, helping the space to look clean and efficient. Use grey or black wire stays to blend in with your design and pair with your table legs.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020Residential & Kitchen

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably take your work home with you in some capacity. Make your home a comfortable secondary office space using the same tools, and outfit the rest of your home with the soothing tones of Aero Blue to spruce up your décor. Kitchens are also a great place to start as they serve as the heart of any home. Aero Blue looks great in this space because it will create a comfortable space for people to gather and mingle and for families to congregate. Here are some great tips on incorporating hardware into your design:

Color Of The Year 2020PCS103-94: Duplex wall plates can easily ruin the fluidity of your beautiful backsplash, but power is a necessary evil per national electric code (NEC) requirements. We have a solution to put power on the countertops either in addition to or in lieu of wall plates. They are not only convenient, putting power within reach where you need it, but they can also serve to offer wonderful solutions to design challenges where wall space is at a premium. Say, you have a wall to wall window to enjoy your wonderful view – pop-up outlets in your countertop will still allow you to open up those walls.

Drawer Pulls: Quality, durability, and versatility – these are the three most important elements of your cabinet hardware. We have a wide selectin of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs (over 800 in fact) to go with every style, every finish. Pair your Aero Blue accents with black for a heavier look, white for a lighter one, or stainless steel or aluminum for a timeless look. Brass and gold finishes pair well with Aero Blue also for a luxurious elegant look.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020


Hospitality design requires an added attention to detail to accommodate basic needs of guests and customers, including the overall interior design itself to create a particular mood that is consistent with the brand message. These hospitality spaces consist of commercial designs consistent with hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, lobbies and waiting areas, and others. These are important spaces that keep people connected and provide comfort and utility. Aero Blue accents will help give your design a soothing and refreshing touch that encourages customers to unwind and relax. Envision your space with some beautiful Aero Blue furniture and accessories that will soften up the tone of your environment to promote happy and healthy customer experiences.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020PCS75 Power Grommet: A favorite of the hospitality industry mainly because of their amazing versatility and small footprint. Integrate power into your furniture with ease using these simple Power or USB grommets by drilling a 1-3/4” hole and dropping in from the top, then tightening a locking ring underneath over the threaded cylinder. These simple power and USB charging solutions are perfect for bars, coffee shops, waiting areas, and more either into desks, tables, or even into soft seating like chairs and sofas. Keep your customers happy, invite them to stick around a while by providing basic phone charging accommodations.

Color Of The Year 2020HK20 Purse Hook: Purse Hooks are very convenient; customers love to have access right under the bar top or dining table to hang a purse or shopping bags. Keep your expensive handbag out of harm’s way and close at hand. Also great for lounge furniture where you might expect guests to congregate or spend time working.

Easy to install anywhere, these are the accents that will shape your customers’ experience by providing that extra level of comfort and convenience.


You might not even recognize your old doctor’s office anymore. These former sick havens with bland, sterile designs are being transformed into “wellness centers” to promote feelings of comfort and relaxation. Patient care is obviously still the number one concern, but perhaps a soft, tranquil design can alleviate some of the stresses of illness and the discomfort of waiting to be seen. Families of the patient can also wait patiently in comfort for their loved ones while seeking care. Aero Blue furniture, accent walls, and accessories will blanket the room with a sense of warmth and relief.

Color Of The Year 2020

Color Of The Year 2020PCS99 Under Desk Power Dock: Provide convenient power to work areas. Nurses’ stations are typically carved out of a small section of a hallway where space is at a premium. Often times these stations are not even a proper work station, but rather just a small work desk with a computer.

Hanging wall folders open up what little valuable real estate is available on the desk, and there is little room for traditional power grommets on the desktop. Under-desk mount power stations are the perfect solution for these small spaces to provide power and USB charging options without getting in the way. Available in black or white, either finish will go well with your Aero Blue accents to fit in with your overall motif.

Color Of The Year 2020Trash management Grommet Liners: Stainless Steel Trash Drops are helpful in many ways to healthcare facilities. These trash rings allow physicians to deposit trash and other waste materials without having to touch any lids or flaps and then rewash their hands or put on new gloves. These sorts of “hands free” openings allow staff to work more efficiently. Use in the counter tops or in vertical surfaces for reach-in-and-drop applications. The marine-grade stainless steel is corrosion resistant and is easy to clean and sterilize. Available in 20 sizes.

Color Of The Year 2020