Why Purse Hooks are great for Hospitality

Why Purse Hooks are great for Hospitality

Why Purse Hooks are great for Hospitality

Purse Hooks for Bar Tops and Dining Tables

Women certainly know how frustrating it is to not have a place to hold a purse or handbag in restaurants and bars. This same attention to detail pertains to shopping bags and backpacks too. One might expect that bars, restaurants, and other dining areas would have purse hooks to accommodate your dining experience, but that’s still rarely the case in most commercial establishments.

Purse on ground w/o hook

Having to hold your purse or any other item on your lap is not the most comfortable way to enjoy your meal and it can ruin the restaurant experience.

Here are three reasons why all hospitality establishments, specifically bars and restaurants, should have purse hooks and purse hangers in their dining areas for patrons:

1) Comfort – Even in elegant environments that don’t exactly feel “homey”, customers still need a safe place to store their belongings to comfortably eat and drink.

It’s common for designers to skip the purse hook accessory in fast food or a casual dining establishments place since they are not hosting patrons for extended periods of time. This is a huge mistake though because this doesn’t consider the customer experience, even if only for a short while. Even if a person is coming in for a quick meal, they will need to have their hands free to be able to eat comfortably.

2) Space – Every comfortable seat in a restaurant is important. Every seat has a dollar value assigned to it, so why let someone waste that space to store a purse when you could instead have a paying customer occupying that space?

Think of your chairs and bar stools as a means for profit, not a space to store belongings. The more chairs that are occupied with bodies, the more opportunity for profit. So it doesn’t make sense to waste seating space as a purse holder – install a purse hook under the dining room table top instead.

3) Design – It won’t affect your overall design.

These purse hooks are specially designed to seamlessly integrate with any space. And the placement of the hooks is “hidden”, so only the person using it sees it (and even then, it’s not “visible” unless the customer peeks underneath or reaches to see if it’s there). So, there’s no need to worry about the hooks interfering with the overall design or tables feature.

Purse Hooks should be a must-have item in restaurants and bars for customer safety too. Purse hooks not only provide convenient storage to keep purses off the ground, they also keep valuables within safe reach of the owner and out of harm’s way from would-be thieves. Safely out of sight and close at hand. And keep in mind, purse hooks are not only for purses, but are great for scarves, jackets, handbags, hats, and much more.

The placement of the purse hook is also important. We always recommend installing the hooks under the tables and bar balconies. These are strategic places that will keep purses close enough to their owners and leave a lot of room for them to enjoy a meal or drink.

Tip: Be sure to always check the weight capacity, i.e. how much weight the hook can handle. You want your hook to be strong enough to hold ordinary purses and handbags of all sizes.

Now that you understand the value and importance of this simple addition to your hospitality design, here are some Mockett purse hooks and bag holder options to consider:

The HK20 Purse Hook is a classic! It comes in 3 options so you can place at every seat or in between seats: Single with one hook, V-Shape for two hooks, and back to back with two side-by-side hooks that also serve two parties at once. It supports up to 20lbs for the single option and up to 40lbs for the two-sided option. Its wavy design ensures the bag stays securely on the hook at all times.

HK20 Purse Hook

The HK29-PSS is a modern/industrial take to purse hooks. It is made out of Stainless Steel, which guarantees a heavy-duty construction for a heavy-duty purse and outerwear. Holds up to 20lbs.

HK20V Purse Hook

The HK26A is a very simple and versatile purse hook option that you won’t even notice is there. It may seem fragile, but it is very strong and can hold up to 20lbs. Bracket swivels back and forth for easy accessibility.

HK26A Purse Hook

The HK21 is our rotating coat hook option. It swivels 360 degrees and holds to 25lbs. This hook extends outward for easy access or rotates to tuck it away when not in use to provide extra leg room and hold it securely in place to prevent theft.

HK21 Purse hook

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