Kitchen Trend Report 2019

Kitchen Trend Report 2019
The new kitchen trend not only includes keeping a warm and classic feel to it, but also making it very convenient. Every space needs to be thought out to optimize functionality and space.

Kitchen Trend Report 2019

It’s spring cleaning time – that means it’s also the perfect time to freshen up your new look for summer. Is it time to turn your existing kitchen design into the contemporary kitchen you’ve been dreaming of? Here we explore some of the latest kitchen remodel trends to give you some ideas for your project.

Kitchen remodel trends for 2019 focus mainly on convenience and integration of technology. You can easily modernize your kitchen with a few easy steps that will go a long way. This trend report will help you keep up to date with the latest kitchen design trends.

1. Trends for interior fittings and kitchen accessories

The modern kitchen still has to have a warm, classic feel, so finding a balance where you can add modern amenities and technology without compromising the basic functionality and the overall welcoming feeling is important. The only real changes in interior fittings are in textures and finishes. Bold, striking contrasts can really liven up the space. Those all white kitchens of previous years can freshen up by adding matte black hardware

Kitchen Area

2. Interior storage options

Clever, concealed storage is still a challenge and can be cumbersome when you actually need access to the items that are stored away. Sometimes the best option is to put all the essentials within reach with open shelving. A minimalist approach to design is key to minimize the footprint and not to detract from the overall design aesthetic. Mockett has shelving solutions for all types of applications, including a minimalist floating shelf bracket, SH55, available in three lengths in matte black or metallic silver and supports shelves up to 12” deep with a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs.


3. Cost sacing tips for remodeling on a budget

Freshening up your furniture without having to replace it is a very cost-effective way to give your space a facelift and breathe new life into the environment. Premium quality hardware can have a profound effect even on lesser quality millwork. Our tactile relationship with the functional parts of our furniture, i.e. pulls, knobs, and handles, can give a new sensory appreciation of the overall aesthetic. Mockett has new slender bar pulls, DP252, that will give your drawers and cabinets a contemporary twist with clean lines and hard edges that are softened by their silky smooth finish, available in three sizes and five finishes. Add a new coat of paint to go with your new hardware and your entire space will be transformed and reinvigorated with new energy with very little cost.

DP252 Drawer Pull

4. Technology

Technology plays an important role in making our homes smarter, but a big part of the challenge is taking basic, existing technology and making it more seamless with our furniture. Even simple power solutions can be limiting. Mockett offers a unique brand of pop-up power grommets for kitchen countertops and islands that are water tight and UL listed for wet areas. PCS103 has a low profile for a virtually seamless integration with a flush fit trim ring and two power outlets that pop up when you need them and press down to hide away flush when you don’t. Don’t limit your cook space to designated power access points from wall plates - put power where you need it and access it when you want it.

PCS103B/EE Kitchen Power Unit

5. Efficiency and Convenience

Kitchens are unique in that their basic principles of design must consider both efficiency and relaxation, which are two inherently different fundamental directions. While designed primarily for cooking and food prep and storage, families and guests naturally gather in this space for leisure as well, which has introduced new ergonomic design challenges and technology demands. Accommodating that balance of function and comfort will continue to shape our idea of what a kitchen should offer, all the while looking fresh and current as the core focal point of residential interior design. Consider how much cooking you will be doing, which requires more focus on accessible storage and prep stations versus a kitchen designed more for hosting, which would benefit more from an open design with bar height seating and a large kitchen island for gathering around.

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