Color of the Year 2019

Color of the Year 2019
Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2019: the incredibly vibrant LIVING CORAL.

Color of the Year 2019

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2019: the incredibly vibrant LIVING CORAL. This warm, rosy shade of orange has a golden undertone that electrifies the senses and invigorates the environment around it. Pulled straight from our natural world, it is prevalent under the sea in our beautiful sprawling coral reefs. This color is truly mesmerizing and is sure to add a special energy when used in any setting.

The color “coral” first became popular amongst Impressionists in the 20th century as it was the perfect warm tone for scenes like sunsets, flower fields, and other nature-inspired paintings. The color remains popular today in art and design because of its soft hue and natural soothing properties.

There are many fabulous ways to incorporate this lovely color into your surroundings. Whether you choose to add it to walls, furniture, decorative objects or clothing and fashion accessories, it is sure to add a perfectly warm energy when used in any context. Along with their big announcement, Pantone also introduced 5 color palettes to assist in blending your new Living Coral obsession into your world. Our personal favorite is the “Trippy” palette. The brightness of this palette makes it a cheerful combination that is the perfect choice for an area that needs an energy boost.

We have picked some products from our collection that would make great additions to a space using this color palette. Our complementary hardware will not only fit the theme but will also add a level of convenience and ease to your life that will make you feel just as joyful as the “trippy” colors surrounding you!

In shared office spaces, privacy can be hard to come by. The PSCR7 Acoustic Panel can help to establish private individual workspaces and its acoustic properties cut down on unwanted noise. Adding power grommets to the work surface puts access to power right at your fingertips without having to crawl around on the ground looking for an outlet. Our PCS75 and PCS66 series have a wide array of color options that will have your desk looking great and adding invaluable function.

Speaking of function with artistic purpose, our colorful line of casters will keep you moving all day long! And with hundreds of color combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your design. And who can forget about wire management? Cable managers are essential to keep your design looking clean and tidy, and they look great too!. Our WM16 and CHP3 keep you organized and still let you have some fun with your design! You’ll love the complementary accents from our hardware. Enjoy our selection.

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