CES 2019

CES 2019
We were out in Las Vegas at CES, the consumer electronics show, to see what’s new, what’s coming. It never disappoints. Read more to find out more about all the cool new tech we found!

CES 2019

We were out in Las Vegas at CES, the consumer electronics show, to see what’s new, what’s coming. It never disappoints. Whatever your interest, be it virtual/augmented reality, fitness and wearable tech, or the latest and greatest in audio/video, CES has all the essentials. And more. A lot more. Probably way more than you could ever actually fully take in over only a few short days. Over 4400 exhibitors stretched out across the Las Vegas strip in 11 locations, occupying the Convention Center, the Sands Expo at the Venetian, the Wynn, and more. Everyone seems to start their journey with a plan, with the best intentions of snaking through each aisle methodically, then quickly find they are wandering aimlessly like moths to a flame.

In years past it seemed as though there were typically one or two new breakout technologies that dominated the conversation at the show. Those technologies have since become realities. This year did not seem to have that single standout new product that was the undeniable star of the show, but it is clear that this year shows how far we’ve come in improving and refining the most recent tech offerings.

Drone technology is reaching unfathomable heights. What was once a novelty item for the hobbyist is now changing the way we look at delivery and transport. They are getting bigger, stronger, more capable and more economical every day.

Guy on a drone

Augmented and virtual reality was also once a novelty concept. It's now being put to use in more practical scenarios. Not just for gaming, virtual reality can be used for instruction and collaboration. You can work on a project with someone across the world in real time as if you were sitting at the same table. Or take your simulation experience to the next level!

flying simulator

3D printing is now much more efficient and economical and is incorporating composite materials for more lifelike finished good production. And consumables. Fancy a chocolate perhaps? 3D printed food is here.

3D printing

For you entertainment enthusiasts, we all know that CES is the place to be. 8K is here. Flexible screens are here. Rich immersive audio that is capable of creating extra sensory stimulation is here. But what next? Screens that were once limited by pixel ratio and resolution are now growing exponentially in size without losing clarity. You can now bring the movie theater experience home. And create a completely customizable personalized experience.

gold lambo

Cameras are now on another level as well. We’ve come a long way in this department. The most advanced features for the professional or serious hobbyist, or even amateurs can just point and shoot and let the auto settings make you look like a pro. Stop by the Nikon booth and check out their cool pop-up studio.

nikon booth

nikon booth

Think we’d go to the show and NOT look at new ideas in the way we work? If your standing height desk just isn’t burning calories fast enough, maybe consider a stationary bike as a seat to keep the blood pumping.

Work/Stand/Bike desk

What about electric motor racing? We’ve taken an interest in such advancements with our recent sponsorship of the Jaguar ePace iTrophy series, and we couldn’t help but notice some other cool consumer street vehicles on the show floor. Pretty cool!

Harley Davidson CES

And robots. Robots everywhere. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now so advanced, even a basic children's toy has the same learning abilities and autonomous operating capabilities as the most advanced bots. Robots on display at the show were mainly focused on education and companionship. Cuddle buddies. Small, cute, learning machines that simply want to service your basic social needs. They'll come watch a movie with you for instance. Smart luggage was also a hot ticket. We're rethinking some of our most basic travel amenities. Now your suitcase can follow behind you without even having to pull it, relieving the burden of tugging your own baggage along. Maybe we can avoid baggage fees altogether by having a drone follow behind you and deliver it at your destination? So much tech you never knew you needed. We’ll see what sticks and what’s coming next. We had a blast though. Thank you, CES! Until next time.

CES Robots

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