Wireless Charging - How does it work'

Wireless Charging - How does it work'
Wireless technology is hardly a brand new concept. The first wireless technology was developed by Nikola Tesla in the 19th century.

Wireless Charging

Wireless technology is hardly a brand new concept. The first wireless technology was developed by Nikola Tesla in the 19th century. Unfortunately, there really was no real functional purpose for this technology at the time. Until now. With the rise of cellphones and other powered mobile devices, we as consumers are now able to embrace this incredible concept of inductive wireless charging.

What makes the idea of wireless charging so interesting is the fact that you can travel work and travel without having to tote your charging cables around with you. Or worse, forgetting them and being in a constant state of worry about low battery or having to shell out unnecessary money at a premium to buy at the airport. There are many types of wireless technologies, but the most used by smart phones brands is Qi. Having a universal qi platform allows us all to connect on the same charging grommets.

So let’s get into the basics of how it works:

Qi works with inductive power transfer. For a wireless charger to work, there are two main components: a transmitter coil, which is the base station, and a receiver coil, which is a Qi compatible mobile device. The transmitter sends signals to detect if there’s a receiver present. Once the transmitter detects a local receiver device, it activates the charging process. While charging, the transmitter coil generates an electromagnetic field that induces a current in the receiver’s coil. After the device is charged, the receiver sends a signal to the transmitter, and it goes back to standby mode.

Wireless Diagram

Newer smartphones like iPhone 8 and iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note are already Qi compatible so you’re likely ready to charge whether you knew it or not! Here are Mockett’s best wireless chargers that can be installed in your night table, office table, coffee shop, and bar, available in grommet mount or “invisible” under-desk mount hidden applications.

EDP/V2/LLQI - Lily Pad


Lily Pad fits into a 2 ½” hole. The elevated top actually allows for additional cables to pass through underneath, perfect for a work desk to get added functionality out of your grommet hole. A soft blue LED light under the cap lets you know it’s charging.

PCS76/WC-90 - Wireless Charging Grommet


This subtle low profile charger has an indicator light that turns from red to green when charging. It’s nearly flush with the surface and looks great on any surface because of its fashionable inconspicuousness.

PCS79/WC - Illuminated Wireless Charging Grommet


This wireless charger is super easy to install. Drill a round hole, drop in from the top, and tighten the locking ring below. A soft alluring LED ring shines with a brilliant blue indicator when the handshake is made between your phone and the transmitter.

Luxurious marble platform with qi charging is perfect for high end environments in need of a wireless charging surface. Black or white marble. It’s real marble too!

WCS4-95 - Hidden Under-Desk Wireless Charger



This invisible wireless charging application uses a puck hidden under the surface to create a completely seamless integration into your furniture. A tiny light shines through a pinhole that is punched through the surface so you know where it is, but it’s so subtle, this whole installation is practically invisible!

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