IBS 2018 Recap

IBS 2018 Recap
Hello, friends. It was an absolute delight to be at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Orlando where we got to see some old friends and meet many new ones.

ISB 2018 Recap

Hello, friends. It was an absolute delight to be at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Orlando where we got to see some old friends and meet many new ones. Thank you for visiting with us! If you were not able to attend or are not familiar with IBS, this show is sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and is focused on light duty construction and remodeling. It shares the floor with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), which brings big ideas and trends to put on display for kitchen and bath design. This co-show partnering is the perfect place for builders and designers get together to see the latest trends in home building.

In our Booth# S806, we had the latest in architectural hardware on full display where we specialize in design solutions for cable management, surface power, and much more. Here is a list of some of our top product highlights from the show:

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is ready for mainstream! While it isn’t exactly a brand new technology, wireless charging’s popularity is surging now that most popular devices offer it as standard. Samsung launched the first wireless charging ready smartphone and now that Apple has adopted the same qi technology, we finally have a universal platform that means fans of both android and iPhone can get along in a wireless world. This is the future of charging and people passing by our booth were able to see our current line of wireless chargers and new ones that will soon be in stock.

We had wireless chargers for every application – leather, marble, and in-desk grommet mounts. With qi wireless technology you simply have to place your compatible device on to the charging surface and it will start charging automatically. It mounts wherever you need it, great for shared workspaces, nightstands, hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, or wherever universal community charging options are needed.

Pop-Up Kitchen Power

More and more designers are looking for ways to incorporate power options into “complicated” applications where power just won’t work in a beautiful backsplash and other counter top alternatives are needed. The best solution available is our PCS77-23G, which is a pop-up kitchen power tower that can be installed to kitchen islands, countertops, and any other potential wet areas. It is UL listed with tamper resistant and GFCI receptacles, which makes this power unit universally acceptable for any kitchen install. Easy to operate, you simply press down on the top and the unit pops up to access two GFCI power outlets rated 15A/125VAC. Then close to hide away nearly flush with the surface when not in use.

Table Legs

If you are looking for something unique to really set your design apart, you should check out our table legs. Our designer legs are sure to get your attention and the attention of your clients as these stunning designs are something you just won’t see anywhere else. Gorgeous table legs are made with the highest quality standards in mind from finish to materials. Plus, they are easy to customize, whether that be a custom height, finish, or a new design from scratch. Just send us a drawing and we’ll create it for you!

IBS Table Leg

Did we mention we had a ton of fun meeting with YOU? We took a lot of selfies! Make sure to share this blog post if you see yourself in this video recap. Or stay tuned for more – you might turn up in one of our future video reels.

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