New Kitchen Pop Up Power Outlet

New Kitchen Pop Up Power Outlet

New Kitchen Pop Up Power Outlet
Kitchens tend to get the most attention when it comes to remodels and renovations. Add power options to your countertop to take your project to the next level.

New Kitchen Pop Up Power Outlet

Kitchens tend to get the most attention when it comes to remodels and renovations. Why? Easy. We spend the most time in them entertaining, cooking, and catching up with family. These important spaces deserve that extra attention to detail. While major remodels may not always recoup the cost in terms of added value, it will definitely help the home sell faster. Minor remodels and simple additions on the other hand can add tremendous value on a much lower budget, and this includes new amenities such as pop up outlets on the counter top.

As kitchens turned into wide open transitional spaces, many key elements were created to make the integration more seamless. Some key elements you will find in integrated kitchens are larger countertops, lots of cabinetry space, peninsulas, and kitchen islands. These new spaces have new demands, including the need for additional power for charging and entertaining. And to make these kitchens comply with the National Electric Code (and still look nice in the process), convenient pop-up power outlets were created.

These pop-up power outlets revolutionized how power is dispersed and accessed in the kitchen. These power grommets have given designers new opportunities to create designs that are no longer centered around ugly power outlets. The pop-up power grommet gave new life to beautiful backsplashes and solved the problem of having power in kitchen islands. Now kitchen islands are fully functional because of the pop-up power outlets that provide power wherever you need it.

In celebrating innovation, we looked at how we can improve on kitchen pop-up power outlets even more, and we introduced our newest kitchen power grommet, PCS103. Available in Surface Mount and Flush Mount, it comes with 2 Power Pop Up receptacles in 6 different colors: Satin Aluminum, Satin Nickel, White, Black, Polished Chrome, and Espresso.

If you are familiar with our famous PCS77, you’ll love our new kitchen pop up power outlet, PCS103. This is a smaller and more compact version of our kitchen power outlets. This unit complies with all the electrical codes and has two tamper resistant power outlets per unit, and it is water resistant too. It eliminates hanging cords from countertops. Plus, it is perfect for those places where a wall outlet is not possible.

PCS103 spill

What comes in the box?

When you buy the PCS103, expect to receive one PCS103 unit with two outlets and a locking ring for securing the unit underneath the surface. Conduit not provided.

Included in PCS103

How to install your new PCS103 unit?

Installation into the countertop is simple, but the electrical should be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the national and local electrical code. To feed into a GFCI circuit only for code compliance in potential wet areas.

Step 1: Choose your mounting location. Unit can be mounted into counter tops that range from ½” to a maximum of 2”. Cut a 3-13/52” diameter hole.

Step 2: Detach from the unit the locking ring and the base of the unit.

Step 3: Before you start handling the conduit, make sure circuit is off. Next, feed the conduit through the locking ring under the work surface and then through the bottom of the cut out.

Step 4: Attach the conduit to the base of the unit. Then ground the base and attach conductors to the housing.

Step 5: Reattach the base to the housing and secure with provided screws. Make sure the unit is level and flush with the work surface. Lastly, screw locking ring onto the unit underneath the work surface.

Why should you use the PCS103 - Surface Mount 2 Power Pop Up in your home?

1) The PCS103 is water resistant, so it can be installed in any potential wet areas. Bathrooms, break rooms, and breakfast bars are also great places to use this water resistant pop up outlet.

2) Kitchen islands and peninsulas have to comply with specific electrical codes and the PCS103 is the perfect choice to meet all those tricky demands!

3) Sometimes windows don’t leave enough room for wall outlets in front of sinks, so the best way to get around this is installing a pop up outlet onto your countertop. Kitchens are required to have power outlets every 48 inches, so this makes placement of duplex wall plates difficult.

4) Pop up power outlets keeps dangerous cords from hanging over the sides of kitchen islands and peninsulas. It protects you and your children from tripping or yanking on them accidentally.

5) Beautiful backsplashes can be admired without those clunky wall plates for duplex outlets. So now you can finally enjoy the backsplash design you’ve always wanted.

6) Pop up outlets can also charge all your electronic devices, such as cellphones and iPads. Don’t run out of battery right in the middle of a recipe!

We hope you enjoy the PCS103 as much as we do. Click here to shop and for more product information.

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