10 Plants that Will Revitalize Your Work Space

10 Plants that Will Revitalize Your Work Space

10 Plants that Will Revitalize Your Work Space
Taking care of indoor plants is easier than you might think, and they will improve your mood and productivity at home and at the office.

Be Well - Bring the Outside In

Have you thought about placing some plants around your office or house? Taking care of indoor plants is easier than most might think. There are plenty of plants that are low maintenance and require very little attention. Plants breathe life into any environment and are a great natural decorating tool. Plants are also known to relieve stress and provide oxygen, scrubbing the air from toxins. We found 10 indoor plants that are easy to maintain. See which one works for you!

Spider Plant – This is one of the easiest plants to care for. Spider plants grow quickly and produce little plants that can be re-potted. It just needs to be in a bright place and be watered occasionally.

Aloe Vera – Aloe loves sun and a little water, just make sure the soil is dry before watering. It is a stylish plant with spikes that can be used to decorate any desk. It also has healing properties and cleans the air.

English Ivy – With beautiful foliage, English Ivy can be placed in high areas to let its long tendril hang, or if you don’t have space to let it grow long, train it around to create topiary. This plant likes a moist soil and a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

Cacti – Cacti love natural light and requires very little water. With various sizes and shapes, they can be put together in a pot to create a beautiful and colorful arrangement.

Snake Plant – Also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, it is especially hard to kill even with severe neglect. This plant can survive a month without water and it doesn’t need much light either. It is great carbon dioxide sponge and releases oxygen during the night.

Peace Lily – Easy-to-grow Lilies are characterized by curving white blooms and dark leaves. This is another beautiful and low maintenance species. It prefers ambient settings with dim lighting, perfect for spaces with few windows.

Pothos – This plant can survive in low light and only requires occasional watering. Its trail grows long, 8 feet or more even. If that’s too long for your space, just cut them to the desired size.

Phalaenopsis Orchid – Orchids have beautiful, colorful flowers and provide a stunning natural décor in any setting. Simply water once every two weeks and this plant will thrive.

Rubber Tree – With beautiful dark green foliage, Rubber trees are a powerful air cleanser. They grow easily even in cooler climates and require very little maintenance making them a popular choice for most office settings.

Calatheas – This plant is also known as a Peacock plant or Zebra plant. They thrive in moist soil and indirect sunlight. Calatheas have beautiful purple/green leaves.

Which one will you choose to spruce up your working area or home? For more ideas on how to decorate with plants, follow us on Pinterest!

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