6 Kitchen Trends Happening Right Now

6 Kitchen Trends Happening Right Now
Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this season? This helpful Q&A will give you some helpful tips and guidelines for your project. Don't forget the details that can help make your kitchen even more inviting and functional.

Kitchen Trend Report

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this season? This helpful Q&A will give you some helpful tips and guidelines for your project. Don't forget the details that can help make your kitchen even more inviting and functional. Good luck and enjoy!

1. What are the biggest trends you see for interior fittings and kitchen accessories?

Pull out storage solutions are helpful for kitchens that are short on space. Maximizing space in every nook and cranny is challenging and fun at the same time. Built-in storage solutions in cabinets like spice racks can help open up countertop space and stay clean and organized for easy access. Pull out systems and drawers for cleaning solutions under the sink are an easy way to open space on the ground level for additional storage. When it comes to food storage, containers are an easy way to get organized and open up cabinet space as well without breaking the budget. Or consider unused space you would never think of for storage, even replacing the toe kick with a drawer to store baking sheets!

Spice Racks
Spice Racks

Drawer in Place of Toe Kick
Drawer in place of toe kick

2. What are designers looking for in interior storage options? Do you have new storage and accessory products to highlight? How do these products cater to the overall trends in the market?

3. What aesthetic requirements do people have for interior fittings/accessories?

Clean, out of sight, and organized; those are the key components of thoughtful design execution. Take the stress out of a cluttered kitchen and substitute with clean and simple design solutions. The relationship between form and function is a delicate balance. The functionality of a convenient storage solution is often understated without the ability to merge with your overall design and fit into your application seamlessly.

Functional Storage
Functional Storage

4. What does value mean in today’s economic climate? What features are people willing to spend more on, and where are they looking to save?

Today’s customer is well informed with access to the knowledge they seek about the products they want, thus creating an inherent personal value unique to that user in a relative sense. So they don’t place an actual value on the product itself, but rather they value the experience and the service of the products they are interested in. Meaning they are willing to pay a premium to get exactly what they want to cater to their specific needs. For major remodel projects, other value-conscious decisions come into play, like how much will it add to the value of a home versus how much will simply be consumed for personal pleasure. That threshold is a personal decision relative to each situation. With simple accessory upgrades however, this is an easy decision in most cases as the convenience added will far outweigh the cost over time.

Quality-conscious buys with timeless and classic style always stand the test of time, surviving the latest trends and fads that come and go. These are statement pieces that will not look dated in 5 or 10 years, such as cabinets, tables, and appliances. With that in mind, certain items that can be changed seasonally should not be treated with the same buying behavior and can be more budget friendly.

Costume Design Image
Photo courtesy of Costume Design

5. Are there accessories and/or fittings that used to be add-ons that have become standard?

Additional convenience outlets in the kitchen used to be considered a luxury add-on, but their proven convenience and added value has helped make them a new standard in functional kitchens. Since kitchens are the nucleus of activity in the home, including cooking, dining, hosting, etc., this translates for a greater need for convenient power options for powering small appliances and charging mobile devices. New PCS77 provides an invaluable service of providing power where you need it that hides away nearly flush into the countertop when not in use. Water tight, GFCI protected, and spring-loaded, this unit is revolutionizing kitchen remodel and construction.

PCS77 - Kitchen Power Grommet
Kitchen Power Grommet – PCS77

6. How does the desire for efficiency and convenience impact the market?

Since we expect everything to be at arm's reach, practical, and easy to use, it is important to accommodate these needs with thoughtful solutions in mind whether it's with storage options or convenient power options. Technology will only have a growing role in this relationship with the user experience and efficiency in the kitchen, so expect more smart home integration in the years to come.

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