BDNY 2017 Recap & Review

BDNY 2017 Recap & Review
We had a blast at the famed Boutique Design New York trade fair, BDNY. For those of you that we had the opportunity to meet with, we thank you for visiting with us.

BDNY 2017 - Recap & Review

Hello, friends. We had a blast at the famed Boutique Design New York trade fair, BDNY. For those of you that we had the opportunity to meet with, we thank you for visiting with us. For those of you who were not able to attend or are not familiar with BDNY, this show is aimed at the hospitality industry, featuring the latest trends in lifestyle hotels. Only in its seventh year, BDNY is touted as the fastest growing trade show in the US. BDNY is now hosted in the main hall at the Javits Center in NYC, a testament to the show’s fast-paced growth. Previously hosted next door in connection to a ring of other hotel shows, BDNY quickly graduated to a smaller wing of the Javits center, and eventually took over the main hall and absorbed the Hotel Experience show in a neighboring hall. Now, as the industry leading trade fair, if it’s happening in the hospitality industry, it’s happening at BDNY.

BDNY Entrance 2017

If you were there, you were probably able to catch us at Booth# 1012. With all the latest in architectural hardware on display, we presented new design solutions for cable management, surface power, and more. We showcased several new designer table legs and demoed our collection of wireless chargers. Visitors were able to test out their new iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Samsung devices to see the magic of inductive charging in action.

So, what else did you miss?

Hospitality is the name of the game at BDNY, as demonstrated by the exhibits that were assembled on site in the day(s) leading up to the event that looked like permanent fixtures. Make shift bars and rooms were staged to host networking mixers and cocktail engagements. Beautiful accents adorned the booths for a fabulous presentation all around. Colors and styles appeared to be a bit more neutral than some of the experimental trends in years past, but within that limited spectrum of prosaic dark and neutral colors with hard black and white contrasts, impressive imaginations were still free to run wild. Simple accents go a long way against a creamy, neutral surface, including soothing grayscale layering to smooth the transitions between the striking contrasts. Gold trimmings were very popular on furniture for instance. Or a single vibrant colored furniture piece against a creamy palette. The designs on display appeared to be rooted in the idea of classic, understated sophistication, combining independently unique elements into an eclectic ensemble that complement one another graciously.

BDNY 2017 BDNY 2017 BDNY 2017

Hoteliers and designers converge on this two day event to share their vision on design, and the results are very inspiring in shaping the direction of design in hotels, restaurants, spas, cruise liners, and more. We continue to see a growing need for contemporary architectural hardware in this field of modern lifestyle design, and we hope that our collection of power grommets and cable management concepts will continue to provide a solution for some of the most basic utilitarian principles that help to make a beautiful furniture piece functional. Remember to think of us during your next project for all the finishing touches! We hope to see you in NY again in 2018 for another fabulous Boutique Design New York show.

Mockett Booth at BDNY 2017

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