Wireless Charging - Free Yourself from Cables!
March 21, 2016

No Wires, No Mess.

The question is: Are we there yet? The answer is: Yes! Wireless Charging technology has existed for quite some time, but not until recently has it become so accessible to consumers. Qi technology (pronounced "chee") is quickly emerging as the most consumer-friendly wireless charging option and lends itself to a number of accessory options. It is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics for mobile devices. Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Google, and others are ALREADY incorporating the qi technology into their phone batteries, and it is predicted that ALL Android devices will soon be equipped with wireless charging. For any devices that are not already equipped with the qi chip, there are cases, adapters, and receivers that are readily available for any type of phone to make them qi-compatible.

Incorporating a Wireless Charging Grommet into your project will not only add value to your furniture, but it will pay dividends to the user in the way of convenience and style. Plus, wireless charging grommets have universal appeal across all environments , including hospitality, home, and office. Our mobile devices keep us connected and act as the lifeblood of our networking system. We have a constant need to recharge to stay connected wherever we are. Offering an easy and convenient means of charging built into the furniture is a great way to keep guests or patrons happy and connected. Having a wireless charging grommet like the PCS76 or PCS79 from Doug Mockett & Company, as opposed to an unmarked inductive charging surface installed underneath, helps to identify the charging surface and create a target instead of searching aimlessly for hot zones, which is especially helpful in hospitality environments or shared workspaces. Users will instantly recognize the wireless charging surface and know exactly where to drop their phones to initiate charging. Simply drop your qi compatible device over the inductive charging surface and Voila! Wireless charging commences. PCS76 and PCS79 wireless charging grommets are easily mounted into any surface. Drill a round hole and drop in from the top, then fasten a locking ring from below. PCS76 has tabs that bite into the core of the cutout for a secure hold in lieu of the locking ring. Both have an LED illuminated indicator to notify the user that the phone is connected and charging. Keep your mobile device accessible while you work without being tethered to a pesky cable, or grab it and go after a few quick minutes of charging on the run.

So how does it work? Inductive charging is the result of two electromagnetic coils (a transmitter coil and a receiver coil) coupling to create a low-power signal between two devices. The base station has a transmitter coil, which is constantly sending a signal, and when a compatible receiver coil is close, the signal is modulated. The receiving coil is connected to the battery circuit in your mobile device, and the battery is charged is using the energy induced in the magnetic field. Technical jargon aside, the pairing of the device with the base is perfectly safe and with more and more qi-equipped devices on the way, wireless charging is no longer just some futuristic concept. It's here! The technology is readily available - it's waiting on us as consumers to get caught up on the news and educate ourselves about the compatibility of our own devices. As long-time innovators of "Wire Management" concepts, we here at Doug Mockett & Company see this groundbreaking development as a new standard and are anticipating a huge movement towards wireless. Don't miss it!

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