Design Inspires Productivity
February 29, 2016

Makes sense, right? It's not such an enigmatic concept if you think about it. Whether you work in an office or work from home, a comfortable workspace will keep you focused - staying focused will enhance productivity and inspire innovation.

Creating a comfortable workspace begins with ergonomics.

Investing in a comfortable office chair is key - this serves as the foundation of your ergonomic work environment. Having a chair with casters gives the ability to roam around freely throughout the workspace, and believe it or not, this simple freedom of movement makes a huge difference in the working mindset. Being confined to a stationary chair can make you feel trapped and uncomfortable, not to mention the outdated design. Once you find something that you're comfortable sitting in for extended periods of time, you should then also consider adjusting your work patterns to accommodate a standing workstation as well. A sit/stand workstation is helpful to keep the blood flowing and to keep you alert and focused. Transitioning to a sitting or standing workstations can be achieved by implementing electric table legs or adjustable workstation platforms.

Make it personal.

Who wants to work in a stale, boring working environment? Add a personal touch to make your home office or office space feel more comfortable. Let your workspace reflect your personality and interject some character into it - you're going to be there for hours at a time, you may as well feel at home. Just be careful it doesn't become TOO comfortable. Distractions can easily work against you and inhibit productivity.

Convenience. Accessibility.

Once you have your basics in motion, you can then move on to other areas of convenience. Having accessible power on the desktop makes for a more manageable workspace without having to interrupt workflow by searching for outlets under the desk and rummaging through cables to see what is plugged in where. Channeling loose cabling with wire managers behind or underneath the work surface can help clean up any messy workstation. Considering the amount of time you spend at your desk, updating your space is vital to your productivity. In the end, it's a small price to pay for comfort that will ultimately lead to greater efficiency and a happier working environment.

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