How Safe is Your Electrical Device? Ask UL.
March 8, 2016

What is UL and why is it so important? In short, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is responsible for testing hundreds of thousands of parts each year and tagging billions of products with their safety certifications. When a new product is ready for market, regulatory authorities look to see that any and all electrical components have undergone proper testing. Testing is done under very specific criteria respective to the nature of the product, meaning there are multiple listings for different types of electrical components. To bear the mark of UL, a product must pass rigorous testing (which often requires products to be modified and correct deficiencies before qualifying - in fact, almost half of new products being tested will have to make modifications) to become UL listed.

UL is the preferred safety certification organization by all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). UL standards adhere to National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations and satisfy the safety requirements of all federal agencies. The goal is simple: to keep everyone safe. Installers, end users, and the products themselves are all safer as a result of undergoing these testing procedures.

What if my product is not UL listed?

In the event that your electrical device does not have a UL listing, fear not as it will likely have another form of safety certification through Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA). These other testing facilities are equally endorsed by AHJs and are known not only to perform testing, but also audit the manufacturing site and schedule follow-up inspections to verify performance standards. All widely recognized testing agencies perform similar testing in compliance with NEC or local governing electrical authorities, so the mark of any of these laboratories should suffice as a regulatory safety inspection. It is highly recommended that you avoid using ANY part that has not been tested and certified by any of these widely recognized testing facilities.

So why go through anybody other than UL if UL is widely recognized as the industry standard?

UL is not a government agency and is therefore not the only recognized safety testing standard. They ultimately published their own Standards of Safety and test against their own safety requirements, which is in compliance with NEC and recognized by AHJs. Since testing can be a lengthy process and hundreds of thousands of new products require testing each year, other organizations, such as ETL, have emerged as alternative testing solutions with shorter lead times. Still recognized by all 50 states and Canada by AHJs and retailers alike, the ETL mark is featured on millions of products with an equally certifiable safety standard. This simply gives a manufacturer options to get to market faster with the same safety testing standards in mind.

Are Mockett products protected?

Yes, all Mockett products with electrical components are either UL listed or ETL or CSA certified. We hold our parts to the highest standards of safety and protection. As long as parts are used within the scope of their intended purpose, we can confidently say that we stand behind our parts 100%.

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